Monday, December 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Virgins

As Australians in Australia on a balmy night in November we went to our first Thanksgiving dinner. Kimberly, our new American friend and her Aussie husband, Shawn, were recreating Kimberly’s favourite holiday for a little taste of home.

I knew this would be no simple affair. Weeks before, our cleverly crafted invitation arrived, itself a labour of love. It announced it’s traditional to contribute to the meal, mine to be a vegetable platter. That I could do!

Their apartment was filled with an intriguing mix of Kimberly’s fellow American Thanksgiving orphans, randomly acquired new Australian friends, and members of Shawn’s family. American football graced the TV, pre-recorded for traditional atmosphere. The men prancing in pads were dutifully ignored in preference for the spectacular array of food that required days of preparation.

Wondrous things like: sweet cake type stuff to eat with your main meal; a turkey the size of a wombat; cheesy, creamy sides. I scoffed it all and headed for the desert table for, amongst other treats, my first ever Pumpkin Pie.

The best part of the evening: giving thanks. Most notable was the Americans, thankful for the opportunity to celebrate their special holiday just like at home. It was a touching way for a random group of people to honour being brought together, only for today, to break bread.

We waddled home feeling like it was Christmas already – but it wasn’t! We would eat like this again in a month’s time. I could get used to this.

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